The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching (CEYC) is dedicated to promoting ethical, value-based, coaching principles in youth sports and, as a result, create a fun, safe, and beneficial environment for youth athletes. One of the primary roadblocks to creating this ethical environment is the lack of guidance offered to coaches on how to effectively balance winning on their team. Often, winning overshadows other important areas such as character development. Existing programs offer coaches little guidance on how to balance the demands of competition with developing the character of their players. This leads many coaches to adopt a “win at all costs mentality” and, subsequently, fosters many unethical principles on youth sports teams. The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching through its Ethical Youth Coach Certification (EYC Certification) gives coaches the guidance and training necessary to put an end to these unethical practices and create a more ethical environment in youth sports that has countless benefits for youth athletes.

CEYC the Advocate

In addition to administering the EYC certification, the CEYC is a leading advocate of ethical, value-based, practices in youth sports. The CEYC works with various groups (parent groups, civic organizations, media outlets) to help promote increased ethics in youth sports. The CEYC assures parents that their children are safe by creating a more ethical environment in youth sports.

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