EYC Certification

The Center for Ethical Youth Coaching offers three (3) levels of certification. The first level or Level I is a certificate course and covers the fundamentals of value-based coaching. This course is a great introduction to the concepts and philosophies of the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching. This course is offered at no cost and must be successfully completed to go onto the second level.

The second level or Level II EYC Certification explores in greater depth the key concepts and strategies of value-based coaching. Because Level II is a certification a background check is required and coaches must pass an in-depth exam at the completion of the course in order to receive the EYC Certification. The Level II EYC Certification will be available February 3, 2015

The third level or Level III Advanced EYC Certification will be released in fall of 2015. More information will follow.

For more information please click the following links:

EYC Level I Certificate Course: Click here for more information

EYC Level II Certification: Coming Soon!

EYC Level III Advanced Certification: Coming Soon!

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