Nuts and Bolts of Value-Based Coaching


In this 90-minute online seminar,  (60 minute presentation and 30 minute Q&A) coaches will be provided with some of the critical tools and techniques of the Ethical Youth Coach including ways to build player character and increase competitiveness. The topics presented will be:

  • Complete Player Development
    • Learn the key ingredients that make for a well-rounded player.
  • Roles “Hats” of a Coach
    • By understanding the various roles of a coach, a coach can create a template for becoming more successful and competitive.
  • Ethical Youth Coach Checklist
    • Learn the essential qualities of an Ethical Youth Coach and how to maximize coaching effectiveness in several key areas.
  • The Ethical Youth Coach Decision Making Model
    • Learn a system for making value-based decisions. This system will help coaches tackle tough decisions with ease and consistency.
  • Working with Parents
    • Learn tips and techniques on how to work with parents and not against them.


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