The Role of Volunteer Youth Sport Coaches in Reporting Abuse

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Check out this interesting article from the Hartford Courant on the role of volunteer coaches in reporting abuse in youth sports.

If liability in reporting abuse would deter a volunteer coach from coaching youth sports teams, then as a parent, I wouldn’t want that individual coming in contact with my child in the first place.

This is a prime example of what the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching seeks to establish. Accountability across the board for adults that are in contact with children via youth sports. Is it too much to ask that these coaches take some time to learn proper reporting and further their knowledge of how to effectively coach youth? In any other position, a professional would go out of their way to further his/her knowledge base or increase their credentials. Why should it be any different for adults working with children in a volunteer/professional capacity. The simple answer is: IT SHOULDN’T.

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